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Why Partner with

Comprehensive Platform

Our end-to-end solution is specifically crafted for pickleball. With unique offerings ranging from native court management to a wide spectrum of event formats, we address every conceivable need in this domain.

Innovative Features

Our suite boasts features like level-based court allocation, dynamic round robin formats, and social courts. Plus, our tournament management tools streamline everything from player registration to final score tallying, ensuring a seamless experience for both organizers and participants.

Future-Ready Approach

With an exciting roadmap planned for Q1 2024 and beyond, partnering with us ensures you stay ahead of the curve, ready to embrace the next big thing in court management.

Investment Benefits

Robust Growth Potential

The booming popularity of pickleball combined with our innovative solutions makes for an attractive investment proposition with promising returns.

Market Leadership

With unparalleled features and a dedicated team, we are poised to become the market leader in pickleball court management.

Transparent Operations

We believe in maintaining transparency with our investors, ensuring regular updates, comprehensive reports, and open communication channels.

What is the prize?

The pickleball market is growing like never before. The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) has unveiled updated pickleball participation research which reveals that 48.3 million adult Americans – nearly 19% of the total adult population – have played pickleball at least once in the past 12 months.

This represents an increase of 35% since the app’s last research was concluded in August 2022, when the adult participation number reached 36.5 million. The updated study also revealed that the average age of pickleball players is 34.8 years, considerably younger than previously assumed, highlighting the growth of the game, in particular, among people between 18 and 44.

Take this recent CNBC video’s most noteworthy findings:
40 million – number of predicted pickleball players by 2030
+11.5% – average annual growth of players over the last five years (tennis grew by +4.2%; badminton actually went down by -3.7%; ping pong is down by -1.2%)
45.1% of pickleball players make over $100,000 in annual income; 37.9% make between $25,000 and $74,999
70 – number of countries pickleball is currently played in (to qualify as an Olympic sport, it needs to be played in at least 75 countries)